Drama 238 Winter 2017


This introductory acting course meets for six week between January 5 and February 10. Classes are Thursdays, 2:30-5:20 and Fridays, 8:30 – 11:20. The class will be held in the Rotunda Theatre, Theological hall. This year the focus of the course is ensemble and text. Each student will work on a monologue and a two-hander. All the text will be  from Shakespeare’s As You Like It (you must purchase the version edited by Juliet Dusinberre, Arden Shakespeare, Third Series). We will explore a number of methods for working with this material.

Much of the class will be games and exercises to practice being in the moment, listening to yourself and the other actor, playing off each other, developing pleasure, the ability to follow impulses and the ability to bring  yourself to the game of playing.

There will be a lot of physical work, so please wear loose fitting clothing and bring a snack for yourself, fruit, juice, etc. If you have a yoga mat you may bring it.

Instructor:  Dr. Julie Salverson, Queen’s University of Drama, Kingston, Ontario     jsalverson.wordpress.com

The winter major production and at least one professional performance are required viewing, details TBA.

Guests: There will be some guests in class and some materials will be created that can be taken home by the students. There is a lab fee for this of $20 per student.

The text (As You Like It) and courseware are available at the Campus Bookstore. Please bring this version of the play to class.